Church Promises to Investigate Sexual Abuse Claims

The Southern Baptist Convention recently promised to address concerns regarding allegations of sexual abuse coming from inside the church. A detailed article on both the allegations made and the investigation underway is available here.

The church—the largest Protestant denomination in the United States—said it would address the problem at its annual gathering of thousands of pastors.

New Claims

The call for an investigation follows allegations that an 11-year-old girl had been sexually abused by a minister at a church summer camp held for children. The summer camp was presented by the Village Church—an Evangelical megachurch in Hurst, Texas.

A Widespread Problem

While Evangelical churches have traditionally distanced themselves from the claims of sexual abuse that have plagued the Catholic Church, they have faced similar allegations themselves.

Previously, Southern Baptists have long dismissed cases of sexual abuse as a product of corruption. They now face their very own sexual misconduct allegations.

Since 1998, more than 400 leaders inside the Southern Baptist Church—ranging from youth pastors to top ministers—have pled guilty to charges of sexual abuse.

Sources indicate over 700 abuse victims are involved in these claims. A number of church leaders have been convicted of sex crimes and others have been forced to resign in the face of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Closure in One Case

In the Texas case, the former associate children’s minister of Village Church has been investigated by police. He has since been indicted and arrested on charges of sexually molesting the young girl.

The girl’s mother says the church’s interest in investigating allegations was overshadowed by their instinct to protect the institution. The Village Church uses a written membership agreement which prohibits members from suing the church. It instead requires mediation and binding arbitration.

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