Documentary Examines Tragedy of Medical Errors

A new HBO documentary follows a filmmaker’s 10-year journey to record the life-changing consequences that medical errors caused his mother—and their entire family. A detailed article on the filmmaker and his work is available here.

The film “Bleed Out” follows Steve Burrows in his attempt to discover what happened to his mother after routine hip-replacement surgery. In 2009, Burrows’ mother, Judie, entered the hospital for a surgical hip replacement. After massive blood loss, Judie slipped into a coma that lasted for weeks. She emerged with brain damage, loss-of-speech, and mobility issues.

Judie’s Story

After her surgery, Judie was placed in the Electronic Intensive Care Unit—or eICU—for recovery. The eICU is meant to provide 24-hour patient monitoring after major surgery or an emergency. The eICU includes microphones, video cameras, and alarms—as well as other monitors.

A Case of Medical Neglect

Burrows said Judie was left alone—and staff did not notice she had entered a coma for a day and a half. While doctors monitoring cameras were supposed to provide a safety net, he learned cameras in the eICU were not active for “patient privacy.” The filmmaker adds his mother is in financial ruin. She is on Medicaid and has started long-term hospice care.

Not an Isolated Incident

According to a research study from Johns Hopkins University, medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States. With this in mind, Burrows hopes people who watch his film will learn to ask thoughtful questions regarding healthcare and patient advocacy.

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