New NCDOT Technology to Combat Wrong-Way Driving

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is currently testing new technology in hopes that it will help eliminate drivers traveling the wrong way on state highways. A detailed article on these advancements is available here.

Between 2000 and 2017, accidents involving vehicles going the wrong way on a highway have caused 164 fatalities in North Carolina. In order to combat future tragedies, engineers are currently working with NCDOT to test emerging technology to limit future wrong-way collisions.

Testing Solutions

In order to limit accidents in the future, NCDOT is testing technology—including sensors and cameras—on a portion of the Triangle Expressway in Wake County. Sensors alert drivers who are traveling in the wrong direction and provides the State Highway Patrol and State Traffic Operations Center with notifications as to the vehicle’s location. Officials have also employed lane striping and signage to warn drivers against wrong-way turns.

Promising Results

Executives with the Turnpike Authority say the program has already helped multiple drivers avoid traveling the Triangle Expressway in the wrong direction. In each case cited, motorists reversed course and entered the highway in the correct direction—all before they achieved highway speeds. They note the Triangle Expressway is lending itself well to the testing—as the roadway’s toll system supplies much of the necessary infrastructure already.

Expansion Plans

While the Triangle Expressway testing has been successful, sources with the Turnpike Authority note it will be more difficult to implement the same updates to other roadways in the state without the same infrastructure in place. Even so, NCDOT plans to expand the technology to the Monroe Expressway in Charlotte—as well as the remainder of the Triangle Expressway.

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