Four Possible Facets of a North Carolina Brain Injury Claim

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that approximately 1.4 million Americans experience traumatic brain injuries each year. For many of these individuals, determining the best course of action to get their life back on track can be an extremely difficult process. It’s important for brain injury victims to remember that help is available.

Thomas Henson, Jr., a partner with the law firm of HensonFuerst, recently spoke on a segment of Brain Injury Radio about what got him focused on representing people who’d suffered brain injuries and some of the ways he can help. He went on to explain an experience helping a man very similar to him made him realize no one is immune to the dangers of brain injuries and that victims of such injuries need legal representation they can rely on.

Brain injuries can often become multi-faceted cases because of the different types of claims that can be involved, including:

  • Personal Injury– These claims involve compensation for things like medical bills, expenses related to the accident, and pain and suffering.
  • Social Security Disability– If a brain injury prevents the victim from working and living a normal life, they may be entitled to benefits from the federal government.
  • Workers’ Compensation– If a brain injury occurs at work, the employer’s insurer may be responsible for paying for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.
  • Veterans Disability– If a brain injury occurs in the line of military service and prevents the soldier from performing his or her typical job duties, they may be entitled to benefits.

Each brain injury victim’s case is different, which is why the North Carolina personal injury lawyers with HensonFuerst say it’s so important to speak with a reputable attorney after an accident occurs. Our legal staff is available to speak anytime by calling (866) 777-1170.

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