New Research Links Fracking to Earthquakes in Ohio

The New York Times has reported on new research that links scores of earthquakes to fracking wells near a fault in Ohio.

The research, published in The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, says that fracking in Ohio built up underground pressures, which then caused earthquakes along a fault near the wells.

According to the New York Times article:

The number and intensity of fracking-related quakes have risen as the practice has boomed. In Oklahoma, for example, quakes have increased sharply in recent years, including the state’s largest ever, a magnitude 5.7 tremor, in 2011. Both state and federal experts have said fracking is contributing to the increase there, not only because of the fracking itself, but also because of the proliferation of related wells into which fracking waste is injected.

As of now, officials in North Carolina are willing to let companies begin fracking within weeks, in March 2015.  We fear for the safety of North Carolina residents, their homes, and their land. Is there any way to stop the insanity?

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