Workers Compensation

Flying the Sickly Skies

There are many people who travel as part of their job.  They travel a lot.  The majority of that traveling is  done on airplanes.  Everyone has heard that close quarters on an airplane can increase the chances of getting sick.  While most people focus on the re-circulated air in the plane, it is actually surface …

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Preventing Back Injuries at Work

No matter your profession back pain affects everybody.  Whether you sit at a desk all day, or swing a hammer on a construction site, you have experienced back pain.  The good news is that back pain is preventable and treatable.

Upcoming Worker’s Compensation Reform Will Shift Burden To Taxpayers

The anticipated legislation that will reduce benefits for injured workers is also expected to increase the burden on taxpayers.  If Worker’s Compensation benefits are cut, injured workers will be forced to turn to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and other public assistance programs funded by taxes.  This amounts to yet another bailout for businesses.  It will …

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Super Bowl Workers Injured

Workers were injured at Texas Stadium while preparing the venue for the Super Bowl.  Large sheets of ice fell off the building and struck the workers below.   Six workers were injured and one of the six was critically injured:

Insurance Industry Skews Data

The insurance industry is pushing hard to reduce benefits to injured workers in NC.  Unfortunately, the information upon which their “reform” proposals are based, is misleading.  Not only will “reform” hurt injured workers, but it will also place further burdens upon North Carolina Taxpayers:  instead of employers, through their insurance companies, paying for injured workers, …

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Ohio Company Faces over $80K in Fines

OSHA is proposing over $80,000 in fines to be assessed against an Ohio company.  Sheriff-Goslin, a roofing contractor, has been found to be a repeat offender in not providing adequate fall protection for its employees.  According to OSHA, falls are the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace.

Fewer Workers Producing More

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has remained steady while productivity is increasing.  If you are a business owner, this initially sounds like fantastic news:  same overhead + more productivity = higher profits.  What is missing from the equation is the cost of injury.   Overworked employees are far more likely to …

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