Speed Limits to Be Strictly Enforced in NC

If the speed limit is 60 mph, exactly how fast can you go before getting pulled over for a speeding ticket? Some folks think 9 mph, others say 4 mph. (Personally, I have always believed in the 4 mph buffer, so I always set my cruise control for that higher number.)

Law enforcement in North Carolina has just answered the question–you can get a ticket if you are driving even one mph over the posted speed limit! There is NO BUFFER.

According to an article on ABC11.com, the governor’s highway safety program is ramping up what’s being called “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” speeding enforcement crackdown. Beginning Thursday, March 24, 2016, law enforcement will target and ticket anyone driving over the posted speed limit.

That’s going to change driving patterns for many people…unless they want to throw caution to the wind and pay the inevitable fine when they are caught on radar. Be aware, be safe, and maybe reset that cruise control!


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