Over 180 Women Have Filed Sexual Assault Lawsuits Against Massage Envy Franchisees

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) , the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Yet only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison.

Often times, it may take victims a bit of time to overcome the shock of the assault which is why some do not report the abuse right away or end up never reporting it.

Recently, several customers have come forward about being sexually assaulted while getting a massage, by massage therapists at Massage Envy. These assaults were not isolated to one Massage Envy location, and there have been reported assaults at Massage Envys across the United States.

According to the investigation, the company tells franchisee owners that they must conduct their own “prompt, fair, and thorough” investigation of any such claims. But it provides almost no guidance on how to do so, or what are absolute protocols in this type of situation. Therefore, it is up to a franchise owner to determine how to handle each situation when it is reported.

It has now come to light that many of the allegations of sexual misconduct by the massage therapists have not been handled properly.

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If you or a loved one was sexually assaulted, you have the right to press criminal charges. You may also have a civil claim against the company.

If you have been sexually assaulted, take the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Remove yourself from the situation: Do your best to get away from the abuser. Remaining in close physical proximity to the perpetrator—whether it’s in the same house, school, or workplace—could lead to more instances of abuse.
  • Seek medical attention: Sexual abuse can often cause severe physical harm. Bruises and cuts are common in instances of sexual abuse, and you also may be at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). A medical professional or hospital can help you recover from your injuries and test you for exposure to STIs.
  • Contact the police: Sexual abuse is a crime. You may be afraid to contact the police if the abuse was committed by a relative or trusted friend, but reporting the incident could stop the attacker from committing other acts of sexual abuse to you or other innocent victims.
  • Talk about what happened: Opening up to others about sexual abuse can be difficult, but it’s often a vital step in the recovery process. A qualified therapist can help you work through the emotional and psychological difficulties that often follow instances of sexual abuse.
  • Get legal help: The North Carolina sexual abuse lawyers at Henson Fuerst are here for you. Our legal team will do whatever it takes to help you put your abuse behind you for good.

There are few events in life more traumatic than sexual abuse.

If you or a loved one were sexually abused in a business, church or other commercial dwelling, where the abuser took advantage of their position, call Henson Fuerst at (919) 781-1107 for help. When you call, one of our experienced and caring  North Carolina sexual abuse lawyers will speak with you for free and do everything we can to hold all responsible parties accountable.

It is important to hire an experienced Raleigh NC attorney to handle your civil claim. You need someone protecting you that is on your side, someone who understands North Carolina law, and someone who will fight to protect your rights. Call the experienced and caring attorneys at Henson Fuerst for help today.

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