2 Ways Sports-Related Brain Injury Numbers Are Being Reduced

More information is available than ever before about the dangers of a sports-related brain injury. Despite this fact, high school athletes continue to suffer devastating blows to the head—especially when playing football. In fact, experts estimate as many as 75,000 emergency room visits per year are directly associated with football-related head injuries.

These numbers leave many players and parents wondering what is being done to better protect athletes from such injuries. The consensus seems to be improvements in both technique and technology.

Coaches are now instructing players in a “heads up” tackling technique that dramatically reduces the impact on a player’s head during hits. This is being combined with improved standards in the manufacturing and maintenance of the helmets players wear.

Researchers from Virginia Tech have developed a five-star rating system for helmets that is based on their performance during laboratory testing. One and two-star helmets are “not recommended” for use, while three-star helmets are considered “adequate”. Four and five-star helmets offer the most protection and are considered the safest. A list of helmets and their ratings is available online to parents, coaches, and athletes alike.

According to an article from WRAL News, some believe there is still room for improvement to helmet testing standards, considering much of the data being used to determine safety is antiquated.

The North Carolina brain injury lawyers with HensonFuerst explain that until these standards are updated, traumatic brain injuries will continue to occur on the sports field and the victims of these injuries may need to take legal action to be compensated for damages. If you’ve suffered a sports-related brain injury and have questions regarding your legal rights, we’re here to help. Call us anytime at (866) 777-1170 to discuss your case.

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