$7 Million Awarded To Family Of Botched Surgery Patient

June 2, 2011

Many of us have checked into the hospital for what doctors call “routine” surgeries. Patients have bypasses done, gall bladders removed, and microscopies everyday with no issues. The doctors could breeze through the procedures with their eyes closed. But, what if  the procedures become so routine for the doctor, he begins to neglect signs of problems? This was the case of one woman who died from infections following a hysterectomy in 2007. Last week, her family was awarded $7 million from a jury for their loss.

The Winston-Salem Journal recently reported the woman went in for the procedure and was released the next day, despite complaining of pain and having an elevated white blood cell count, a sign of inflammation and infection. Unknowingly, during the surgery the doctor had perforated the woman’s bowel. When the woman got home, she sneezed causing bowel contents to go into her abdominal cavity. The searing pain was enough to convince her to go back to the hospital. By the time they got there, it was too late.

The woman’s downward spiral included sepsis, multiple organ failure, brain and kidney problems, pneumonia, and she had to go through the agony of kidney dialysis weekly.

She passed on September 24, 2007.

We trust doctors with our lives when we have surgery. Unfortunately, not all of them always remember that responsibility.  If you have suffered because of a negligent doctor or procedure, contact a North Carolina Medical Malpractice Lawyer with HensonFuerst.

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