7 Tricks Insurance Companies May Use to Deny Your Claim

The purpose of an insurance policy is to protect us in the event of an accident. And while this can definitely prove true, the nubmber one priority of an insurance company is to make money – not to make sure you are compensated fairly.  Unfortunately, in an effort to make money, the company will often minimize or deny your claim. Here are some of the most commonly used tactics by insurance companies to do just that.

  1. They Act As Though They Have Your Best Interests At Heart

It can be extremely comforting to speak with an adjuster with a compassionate demeanor. While this may seem reassuring, it is important to keep in mind that the adjuster works for the insurance company – not for you. Their goal is to save the insurance company money, which means paying you as little as possible.

  1. They Use Things That You Say Against You

When speaking with an insurance adjuster, he or she may ask you to explain in detail what happened, or to permit them to record your statement. However, you are never obligated to say yes to either. Because your insurance company is looking to save money, it may use anything that you say against you – especially if it can place the guilt on you.

  1. They Tell You That Hiring An Attorney Is Detrimental

Your adjuster may tell you that hiring an attorney is detrimental because then you will have to share your settlement. However, as previously mentioned, they do not have your best interest at heart. Therefore, the real reason that they tell you that it would be bad to hire a lawyer is because lawyers have great experience with negotiating, likely leading to a higher settlement for you.

  1. They Request All Of Your Medical Records

You may think that it is perfectly rational for your insurance company to want to see your medical records. After all, you have been hurt. However, this is not the true reason as to why they are requesting them. The real reason that they request your medical records is to search for a pre-existing condition that they can leverage to minimize your financial recovery.

  1. They Offer Money For Your Signature

It also may not seem so out of place for the insurance company to offer you money if you sign a release. But once you sign that release, you are no longer entitled to any new medical expenses. Because injuries can take a long time to show up, you may end up receiving less money than what you actually deserve.

  1. They Keep Giving Excuses

One of the most frustrating tricks that insurance companies will use is to stall. The company may tell you that your paperwork is still processing, that your call will be returned, or that they are waiting on just about anything before they can move forward. They may seem convincing but they are secretly just hoping that you give up all together.

  1. They Act Like They Are A Doctor

Insurance companies are hoping to minimize your recovery. That’s why your company may try to argue that a medical treatment you received was not necessary and they will therefore deny approval of it. It is very important to keep in mind that it is the job of your doctor to make these calls.

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