Alcohol plus Caffeine equals Trouble

After a night of drinking, a cup of coffee used to be considered the perfect preparation to help the drinker wake up before going home. Recently, high-powered caffeine drinks became popular mixers–a drink called “Raging Bull” calls for vodka, tequila, lime juice and high-caffeine Red Bull energy drink.

Now, as reported in ScienceDaily, research suggests that alcohol and caffeine might be the worst possible combination, at least when it comes to safety.

Researchers from Temple University discovered that caffeine does not sober you up…it just makes you less likely to realize that you’re drunk. In addition, you are more likely to act irresponsibly and put yourself and others into dangerous situations.

Caffeine and alcohol have different actions on the brain, and when put together, they interact in ways that are not necessarily what we expect.

Thanks to this research, we now know that when people mix caffeine and alcohol, they have reduced inhibitions, less anxiety, more energy, and an inability to learn and think straight. So you are drunk, mentally and physically impaired, and relaxed…but you also have more energy, you think you are alert, and you have a greater willingness to do crazy things. Like get behind a wheel and drive.

We all know that we should not drink and drive, but I know people still think a little coffee will make the drive home a little safer. Now we know it’s not true. Keep yourself and others safe–there’s no way to quickly sober up after drinking.

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