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Losing a limb or extremity due to a catastrophic accident that was not your fault can be a devastating experience. After an amputation, you may be faced with mounting medical bills, painful physical rehabilitation, and even a loss of your independence. Additionally, patients that suffer an amputation injury may have to rely on their loved ones for care and support, leading to lost wages and additional financial burdens for the whole family.

In short, amputations caused by a catastrophic accident or illness are a life-changing experience for victims and their families.

The short and long-term recovery from an amputation injury can be both traumatizing and costly. If you or a loved one experienced an amputation injury that was the result of someone else’s negligence, Henson Fuerst may be able to help.

The Facts Are:

Amputations are a serious and widespread health problem that impact millions of Americans. These injuries not only cause intense physical pain, they can also result in extreme emotional distress, depression, and loss of independence.

At Henson Fuerst, we want to help raise awareness about the impact of amputation injuries. The statistics below demonstrate that amputations and limb loss injuries happen far too frequently in the U.S:

Amputations can be the result of an illness or catastrophic injury. Possible causes of amputations include:



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Resources for Patients Dealing With Limb Loss

There are many organizations that offer help and support to patients that have experienced an amputation or limb loss.

The Amputee Coalition has been helping people deal with limb loss for more than 30 years. This group works to raise awareness about this important topic, and they provide a wide range of resources and information for amputation patients on their website.

The Centers for Disease Control also has a section on their website focusing on Limb Loss Awareness.

If you or a loved one are dealing with the consequences of a limb loss or amputation, there is help available. Talk to your medical professional to find a treatment option that is right for you. Then call the caring, compassionate Catastrophic Injury attorneys at Henson Fuerst.

We will fight hard to defend your rights and secure the maximum recovery you deserve for your serious injuries.

Henson Fuerst is Here to Help

At Henson Fuerst, we hope that you and your family never have to experience the pain and suffering that can accompany an amputation injury. However, if you or a loved one lost a limb or extremity due to someone else’s negligence, Henson Fuerst is here to help.

Call us today at (919) 781-1107 or fill out a free consultation form online to speak with one of our experienced North Carolina Serious Injury attorneys absolutely FREE. Our experienced North Carolina Serious Injury attorneys will investigate every detail of your accident at no cost to you. At Henson Fuerst, you will never pay an attorney’s fee up front, and you owe us nothing unless we recover for you.

Henson Fuerst will fight hard to ensure that your rights are protected. We will stand up to hospitals, insurance companies, and anyone else that is trying to prevent you from recovering the full and fair compensation you deserve for your serious injuries.

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