Are You Ready for Phone-Free Driving?

According to the News & Observer Road Worrier, the U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would reward states with millions of dollars in grants if they outlaw all phoning and texting while driving. The bill is called H.R. 3994: Distracted Driving Prevention Act of 2009. (You can read the bill itself here: Distracted Driving bill.)

Research shows that talking on a cell phone–even a hands-free phone–increases your risk of being in a car wreck. In fact, driving while distracted is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. (Is it time for a new acronym? If we already have DWI, is it time for DWD?)

North Carolina already bans cell phone use while driving for school bus drivers and people under age 18. Texting is banned for all drivers. But as noted by the Road Worrier:

Our partial bans are steps in the right direction, but their limitations make them hard to enforce. Even if a cop sees that driver gripping her new Samsung Galaxy S Pro Android phone, it might be hard to guess how she’s using it or how old she is.

The bill has already been endorsed by the National Safety Council.

HensonFuerst also supports the bill. Cell phones are great–we don’t know how any of us would get through a day without them–but most of us underestimate the effect they have on our ability to pay attention when attention is critical, like when driving. Just yesterday we posted an entry on our Traumatic Brain Injury blog (Head Injury from Summer Fun) that reported that cell phone use is to blame for some of the increase in head injuries for cyclists.

There has to be a way to integrate beneficial technology into our lives, without putting ourselves at risk of injury, trauma, or death. Everyday, the injury attorneys of HensonFuerst represent people who have been seriously hurt in wrecks caused by distracted drivers. Power down the cell phones…save a life.

More Information

To sign a “No Phone Zone” pledge (Oprah’s website!), click here: No Phone Zone Pledge.

If you have been involved in a cell phone-related motor vehicle wreck and you want to learn about your legal rights, see the HensonFuerst auto wreck page:

To read more about the effects of distracted driving, and to watch Public Service Announcement, go here:

Read the full Road Worrier article:

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