Boy Scouts of America Identify Alleged Sexual Abusers

An investigation of child sexual abuse allegations inside the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has identified nearly 8,000 possible abusers—and over 12,000 alleged victims. A detailed article on the investigation and its findings is available here.

After five years spent examining internal files going back as far as 1944, a professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at University of Virginia Medical School has now identified 7,819 alleged abusers—and 12,254 alleged victims.

About the Findings

In a recently released court document, Dr. Janet Warren testified regarding efforts made by the BSA to weed out possible predators through their Volunteer Screening Database. She noted that the organization’s “ineligible volunteer files” contain information on individuals who have had their registration with the BSA revoked due to allegations of sexual abuse against children. When a suspected abuser is added, the BSA states that person is removed from all programs.

Preventive Measures

Executives inside the BSA as well as Dr. Warren recommend the creation of a nationwide database of likely offenders. This database would list individuals who have never been arrested or convicted yet are suspected or accused of sexually abusing children. Those listed in the database would find themselves barred from engaging in youth services. At the same time, the database would also provide a means to track participating adults.

Legal Relief

New York State has passed a law to adjust the statute of limitations—allowing victims of abuse additional time to pursue legal damages. The revised law will allow such lawsuits beginning in August. According to the Associated Press, similar measures are being considered in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California.

According to USA Today, victims have filed more than 200 new cases of sexual abuse against the Boy Scouts of America in recent weeks—just as attorneys have identified 150 alleged pedophiles who have never before been accused in public.

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