Concussion Guidelines for Cyclists

Thomas Henson, cycling team captain

According to an article in Bike World News, two major cycling organizations have jointly released recommendations for how to treat cyclists who have sustained head trauma.

Medicine of Cycling, an independent group of physicians and psychologists working to improve processes that can have a meaningful impact on the way care is delivered to cycling athletes, recently formed the Medicine of Cycling Concussion Task Force which aims to increase awareness of concussion and improve safety for cycling athletes. The guidelines pertain to adult athletes only, as younger riders are even more vulnerable to brain injury. These guidelines are intended to educate cycling team managers, coaches and athletes on the symptoms and management of concussion in athletes. The guidelines are not a surrogate for evaluations by appropriately trained medical professionals.

The guidelines include actions to take in the pre-season, how to evaluate for concussion after a head injury, and considerations for returning to cycling after a concussion.

If you are a serious cyclist—especially if you are a member of a cycling team—you need to read these concussion guidelines so that you, team coaches, and teammates are all on the same page when it comes to head injury.

Ride like the wind… but stay safe!

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To read the full article in Bike World News, click here:  Medicine of Cycling releases concussion guidelines

To read the concussion guidelines, click here:  Concussions in Cyclists

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