Experts Create New Guidelines To Protect Patients From Drug Injuries

The medications that are available to Americans today can be beneficial in the treatment of numerous conditions. Sometimes these drugs can cause patients serious harm though, and one of the most common adverse effects that is seen is a drug induced liver injury.

The liver can easily be damaged by medications because the organ is vital to the processing and passing of nutrients into the blood stream. Taking too much of certain medications can cause a toxic buildup in the liver that can result in organ failure and even death.

These injuries can be especially difficult for doctors to identify and treat, which is why the American College of Gastroenterology has created a set of guidelines for patients who are potentially at risk of a drug induced liver injury. The most important aspect of these guidelines is for doctors to fully evaluate a patient’s medical and medication history in order to identify certain risk factors involved with this particular type of injury. According to an article from Medscape, experts have also created a diagram listing some of the most common medications and dietary supplements that can cause drug induced liver injuries in patients.

At HensonFuerst, our team of North Carolina personal injury lawyers is aware of the serious risks of damage to vital organs that medications can sometimes cause. That’s why we encourage citizens to read up on these new guidelines and avoid products and medications that could cause you harm.


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