Menthol Cigarettes Harder to Quit Than Regular Cigarettes

August 18, 2011

Although it is known that the urban myth about menthol cigarettes containing fiberglass in order to cause small cuts in smokers’ mouth and throat so that more nicotine and menthol can be ingested is false, new studies are showing the minty smokes may be harder to quit, especially among minorities. A news release issued Monday by the Cancer Institute of New Jersey announced the findings of the organization’s study.

The study focused on the likelihood of quitting among smokers of menthol cigarettes versus non-menthol cigarettes throughout different ethnicities, and the findings were shocking.

Smoking menthols was much more common among African-Americans, with almost 72% of black smokers choosing menthols, than among Hispanics (28.1%) or whites (21%). The study was also one of the first to break the Hispanic population down into sub categories of ethnicity and found Puerto Ricans (62%) were more likely to smoke menthols than other Hispanic groups, such as Mexicans (19.9%).

Races with higher probabilities of smoking menthols also had a harder time quitting. Puerto Ricans who smoked menthols were 43% less likely to quit than those non-menthol smokers. African-Americans also had lower rates for quitting among menthol smokers, with a 19% success rate versus non-menthol smokers.

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