More Cars Added to Toyota's Recall…When Will the Nightmare End?

Here we go again. On February 8, Toyota announced a voluntary recall of about 158,000 more cars in the United States, confined to three models:  2010 Toyota Prius,  2010 Lexus HS 250h, and 2010 Toyota Camry.

Hybrid ABS

The two hybrid models (Prius and  Lexus) are being recalled to update software in the anti-lock brake system (ABS). According to Toyota, there have been complaints that the brakes in these cars malfunction when driven on rough or slick roads surfaces–they feel “inconsistent.” The fix is a simple software update. Letters will be sent to owners within the next few weeks.

Camry Brake Fluid

In a separate recall, some 2010 Camry vehicles equipped with a 4-cylinder engine need to be inspected to make sure the power steering hose isn’t in contact with a front brake tube. If it is, the contact could lead to a hole in the brake tube, which means brake fluid could leak out and brakes could eventually fail. Owners of cars involved in the recall will be notified by mail “starting in the middle of February.”

Is it just me, but doesn’t it seem as though a potential brake fluid leak should be addressed immediately for all 2010 Camry owners? Why not send all the letters at once instead of just “starting” to send some out in the unspecified “middle of February”?  Better yet, why make people wait until they get a letter?  (And why was this particular announcement buried at the bottom of the press release?)

I know there are physical logistics and corporate protections that must be attended to, but I hope for everyone’s sake that no one is harmed in a wreck caused by a Toyota malfunction before the letters are sent.

Press release

Toyota recall information

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