NC Drivers Still Breaking Simple Laws

On December 1, 35 new laws took effect in North Carolina. Of course, the NC State Highway Patrol is still trying to enforce laws already on the books, especially the “No Texting While Driving” law. According to an article on

Sgt. Jeff Gordon said distracted driving is still a huge issue across the state. “I see a lot of people driving with their elbows on the steering wheel, texting with one hand,” Gordon said.

Texting while driving—or any kind of DWD (Driving While Distracted)—has been shown to be as hazardous as driving drunk. But it doesn’t stop texters. And have you ever seen anyone try to make a three-point turn while holding a cell phone in one hand? I have…in fact, I had to wait in the middle of a road while a young man tried this circus-like maneuver in front of me. I would have applauded, but when he finally got his car pointed in the proper direction, he ended up in the wrong lane.

Another law that has been in effect for the past year and is virtually ignored is the law that prohibits large frames around license plates. (To see our video detailing the rules of this law, click here:

In short, anything blocking the license plate information—not just the large numbers and letters in the center—is illegal.


One of the news laws of 2011 is “Laura’s Law,” which helps take repeat drunk driving offenders off the road. The law was named for Laura Fortenberry, a 17-year-old young woman who was killed by a drunk driver who had multiple previous driving-while-impaired offenses. With this law, convicted drunk drivers with certain aggravating factors will face larger fines and more time behind bars.

The “Run and You’re Done” law attempts to prevent high-speed chases by allowing the sheriff to seize the chased car if the suspect is charged with a felony. If the suspect is convicted of the felony, the car will be sold and proceeds will go to local school districts.

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