NHL Managers Oppose Rules Punishing Hits to the Head

Henson Fuerst Partner Bob Fuerst strongly disagrees with comments made recently by a National Hockey League General manager.  Lately, the NHL Players’ Association has been requesting a rule that would ban blows to the head. So far, that request has been met with resistance from the 30 general managers — many of whom were longtime players in the league.  Toronto GM  Brian Burke is quoted as saying Tuesday that he isn’t concerned about negative public reaction that could come from Tuesday’s decision not to further protect players by adding a new rule governing hits.  “I’m not running for office here, Burke said.  “ I don’t care if people agree with what I say . . . . Hitting is a critical part of our game, it’s distinctive to North American hockey. “  Henson believes that if causing brain injury is “distinctive to American hockey” then the distinction needs to be erased.  Henson strongly believes that opposing a rule that will reduce the potential for brain injury, one of the most pervasive health threats in American sports and hockey in particular, is not only irresponsible but can only be attributed to someone putting profits over the safety of their players.  In addition, it sends the wrong message to young players across the country.  “I see kids all the time who have suffered significant and permanent brain injuries, and it is heartbreaking,” Henson said.  “These injuries can and should be prevented whenever possible.” 


To learn more about the NHL and the various positions of the players and managers on head injury, follow this link to an article by Ira Podell with the Associated Press:  http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hwsLeserHBWun1gdTS1RpVkxPKVgD98IRAR80

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