How the Number of North Carolina Medical Malpractice Claims Is Being Reduced

When a patient is discharged from the hospital but requires re-admittance soon thereafter, it could be an indication the individual was not properly treated by hospital staff or doctors to begin with. Mistakes like this are often the basis for a North Carolina medical malpractice claim, which is why organizations in the state are working to lower hospital readmission rates.

The North Carolina Hospital Association explains a lack of effective communication between care providers is one of the leading causes of mistakes being made in a patient’s treatment. This is why the organization is leading the charge against hospital readmissions by improving lines of communication amongst everyone involved in a patient’s care.

An article from WRAL News goes on to explain Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) is being called a success after numbers showed the program had been responsible for preventing as many as 8,000 hospital readmissions over the past three years.

This accomplishment has led the HEN to expand their efforts to begin working on reducing the rates of hospital acquired infections as well, which is also a leading cause for North Carolina medical malpractice claims.

At HensonFuerst, our team of North Carolina personal injury attorneys have seen the effects negligent medical care can have on a person’s life and would like to applaud the North Carolina Hospital Association for taking action to improve the care of patients in the state.

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