Proposed Disability Benefits Policy Changes Could Cause Thousands to Lose Benefits

As the law currently stands, recipients of social security disability benefits are obligated to demonstrate their continued disability and subsequent eligibility every few years. Under a new change proposed by the current administration, examinations of certain disability benefit recipients would take place more frequently.

In its proposal, the administration claimed that the extra reviews would help to “maintain appropriate stewardship of the disability program,” asserting that as it stands, the rules fail to account for one’s potential medical improvement.

Changes To Disability Categories

Those that currently receive disability benefits are categorized into one of three groups for eligibility reviews: Medical Improvement Expected (MIE), Medical Improvement Possible (MIP) and Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE).

Under the proposed rule, there would be a new category: Medical Improvement Likely. Recipients placed in this category would be checked on every two years which would be less frequently than if they were previously under the MIE category, but more frequently than if they were placed in MIP or MINE.

Impact on Current SSD Beneficiaries

More than 8 million Americans currently receive disability benefits due to the loss of wage income from the onset of a severe disability. Disability advocates believe that the proposed regulation hasn’t fully been thought out and should be delayed, as it would likely serve only to hurt those individuals with disabilities.

In a letter back in December, a group of House and Senate Democrats led by Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass), expressed concern that “some individuals subject to review will be simply unable to navigate the process and, as a result, lose their benefits even though there is no medical improvement.”

Sending a Message

Despite criticism from Democrats, the proposed regulation is gaining the support of many Republicans who, for years, have taken issue with certain aspects of social programs.

The proposed regulation therefore also serves to send a political message that this is not okay. According to the administration, the proposal would save $2.6 billion over the course of a decade.

The draft rule calls for reviews approximately every two years, which would create 2.6 million additional reviews. This amount of reviews would equate to an estimated cost of $1.8 billion, diminishing the proposed savings of $2.6 billion.

The quantifiable beneficial impact on employment remains to be fully explained by the administration. 

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