Proposed Rules by North Carolina Industrial Commission Addressing Opioid Epidemic in Workers’ Compensation Cases Could Negatively Impact Injured Workers

The opioid crisis has become an issue of huge concern at both the Federal and State levels.  It has also become an issue of prime importance with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Many injured workers are prescribed opioids as part of their treatment plan.  These medications have are helpful for pain management, but for many they are highly addictive which can lead to side effects that are extremely difficult to manage.

The North Carolina Industrial Commission is in the process of drafting new rules specifically related to opioid use in Worker’s Compensation claims.  While the new rules, in theory, are supposed to protect the injured worker and are well intentioned, there will be unintended fallout that will have to be monitored.

Some of these consequences could include:

  • Insurance companies and employers denying the use of certain medications
  • Insurance providers being pressured to prescribe less effective alternative medications

While it is unclear what will happen with the new rules in place, it is important that injured workers are aware that these rules may impact their care under their workers’ compensation benefits.

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