Taser Gun Injuries

Taser® guns are effective self-defense and safety tools, but when used inappropriately, they can be deadly. Whether you or your loved one’s stun gun injuries were caused by a police officer or a civilian, you have rights, and you may be eligible for punitive or compensatory damages.

How Stun Guns Work

Taser guns are electroshock weapons that release electrical current through dart-like electrodes. When used properly, the electrical current causes involuntary muscle contractions, which are designed to incapacitate the person being shot. When shot excessively, stun guns may lead to cardiac arrhythmia and ventricular fibrillation—or heart attack—which can cause cardiac arrest or even death.

Investigating Taser Gun Cases

There’s no excuse for serious injury or death by a Taser gun. When investigating stun gun cases involving law enforcement, we consider all possible defendants, including the:

  • officer, state trooper, or deputy;
  • police department or the state of North Carolina;
  • and manufacturer of the Taser equipment.

It’s also important that our lawyers review:

  • departmental supervision policies,
  • in-car camera footage of the incident,
  • officer training and supervision of Tasers,
  • police training procedures,
  • policies regarding the use of deadly force,
  • and Taser deployment logs.

We also review each case for potential civil rights violations under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and the North Carolina Constitution against city, county, and state government as well as governmental officials, officers, and employees.

If you sustained a Taser gun injury as the result of inappropriate use, Henson Fuerst can help. We have experience handling wrongful death and personal injury cases related to stun gun misuse. Contact us today by calling (919) 781-1107 or by completing a free initial consultation form.

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