Stay Healthy in the Heat

Yesterday’s rain storms did nothing to alleviate the dreadful heat. Windows everywhere were steaming up with condensation. Even after dark, a short walk turned several of us into winners in an unofficial “who can sweat more” contest. Today is worse. Excessive heat warnings remain in effect, with temperatures reaching triple digits, and heat index predictions of 105 to 115 degrees.

That’s hotter than a deep-fried jalapeno.

There is a terrific report on today about how to stay healthy during this heat wave. To read the full article, click here: WRAL “Heat Wave Causes Health Concerns”

Among the suggestions:

  • Watch for signs of heat exhaustion, including confusion, disorientation, slurred speech, stumbling or slowed walking; if you notice any of these, get the person to a cool location and give them liquids;
  • Avoid going outside if you don’t have to;
  • Hydrate early…hydrate often. Drink water frequently throughout the day, not just when you are outdoors

Remember, too, that some medications make you more prone to heat exhaustion and other heat effects. For more information about which medications are the biggest offenders, click here: Drugs and Heat Don’t Mix (HensonFuerst blog)

For more tips about how to prevent heat-related illness, click here: Preventing Heat Illness

Stay cool!

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