Studies Discuss The Dangers Of Taser Gun Injuries

October 25, 2012

The use of Taser guns by law enforcement when apprehending suspects is a controversial issue in North Carolina right now with some experts saying the non-lethal weapons are perfectly safe, while others believe they present a dangerous risk of injury, according to the Winston-Salem Journal

Taser guns are used on non-compliant suspects to temporarily paralyze them by shooting two electrodes into the suspect’s skin where an electrical current then passes into the body. Studies have shown when a suspect is hit in the chest by these electrodes; the electrical current can run through the heart, causing cardiac dysrhythmia and even death. These risks forced makers of the product to warn those who use and purchase the devices to only aim the devices at the legs or abdomen.

Despite these concerns, a recent study from Wake Forest Baptist found there was only a minor risk of Taser Gun Injury. The researchers also claimed there was no greater risk of injury when being targeted in the chest with the device compared to being hit in another part of the body.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers with HensonFuerst Injury Lawyers say that several other studies have shown that Taser guns can be dangerous no matter where they are targeted, and many individuals have experienced significant injuries or been killed after being struck by one.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have rights if you’ve been injured by a Taser gun.

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