Successful Verdict & Monetary Award for Severely Injured HensonFuerst Client

HensonFuerst Nursing Home Abuse partners Carma Henson and Bob Fuerst, assisted by partner Anne Duvoisin, recently successfully sued Asheville North Carolina’s Aston Park Health Care Center, resulting in a $300,000 monetary award by the Buncombe County jury who heard the trial for two weeks.  Prior to trial, the  highest offer had been $50,000.  This course of action was brought against Aston Park Health Care Center, plus their administrator and director of nursing.  The basic facts are that our HensonFuerst client had three separate injuries, the last and worst of which was a broken femur that led to surgery and then her death six days later.  Our client was a severely demented wheelchair-bound Alzheimer’s patient with many other medical conditions. Our client’s leg was broken when a certified nursing assistant picked her up by himself, instead of using two people as he had been instructed to do. The certified nursing assistant got our client’s foot caught in the footrest on the wheelchair, twisting her leg and breaking her femur.  The jury, out less than half-a-day, clearly sent a message that such reprehensible conduct will not be tolerated.

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