What Questions Are Asked at a North Carolina Social Security Disability Hearing?

If your Social Security disability application is denied, you will likely have to attend a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to appeal the decision.

It’s normal to feel nervous about this process, but the more you inform yourself about what to expect at the hearing, the better. Knowing what types of questions the ALJ may ask is one of the best ways to prepare. Here are some topics you should anticipate being brought up during your hearing.

Types of Questions Asked by an Administrative Law Judge

While every ALJ has their way of asking questions, they are all seeking the same information to better understand how your impairments impact your ability to work. At the beginning of your hearing, an ALJ will ask you for your name, Social Security number, mailing address, age, height, and weight. After that, they may ask you questions about the following:

  1. Your education and training
  2. Your current job and work history
  3. Your disability diagnosis
  4. Treatment for your condition and side effects
  5. How your disability impacts your daily life
  6. How often you need breaks
  7. Any difficulties getting along with your team
  8. Issues concentrating or remembering things

The judge may not cover all of these topics during your hearing, but you should still be prepared to address them in case they are brought up.

If you have additional questions about the Social Security disability appeals process, check out our guide to help navigate the process.

SSD Application Denied in North Carolina? We Are Here To Help.

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