When It Comes to Exercise, It Really Is the "Great Outdoors"

calm cycling-smallWhen it comes to exercise, new research suggests that benefits may depend on location, location, location.

An article published in The New York Times outlines the reasons why exercising outdoors may be a better physical experience than exercising in a gym or at home. Here are some reasons why:

  • Your stride is different when running outdoors. For example, people flex their ankles more.
  • You get a chance to run or walk downhill, something that isn’t possible indoors. The muscles needed for a downhill stride are different from those used on a flat surface.
  • An outdoor workout is more strenuous than an indoors workout. For example, studies have shown that treadmill runners and stationary bicyclists expend less energy to cover the same distance as outdoor runners and cyclists, mainly because of the added effects of wind resistance and changes in terrain.
  • People report enjoying outside activity more than inside activity, which leads to more enthusiasm and pleasure, and less fatigue.
  • People who exercise outside tend to exercise longer and more often than those who exercise indoors, especially older adults.

What this says to me is that we all now have a good reason to “go outside and play,” as opposed to trudging to the gym. This is especially good news now that spring is just a month away!


To read the full article in The New York Times, click here : Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

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