Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rates to Go Down in 2019 in North Carolina

Recently, the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner approved an overall rate decrease for Workers’ Compensation (WC) insurance in North Carolina. A detailed article on the reasoning behind the rate decrease appears here.

The New Effective Rates

Effective in early 2019, the rate for WC insurance in North Carolina will decrease by 17.2%—as insurers see fewer claims and pay less on them. The Insurance Commissioner in North Carolina approved the decrease—scheduled to take effect next year. The reason for the decrease was a result of insurers having less claims and paying out less on the claims they do have. Cost-control reforms to the medical fee schedule established by the North Carolina Industrial Commission also contributed to the lowered rates.

Facts Do Not Support Reform

Some seek to reform the Workers’ Compensation Act by reducing those benefits paid to injured workers. Reformers cite a growing number of claims—and a corresponding increase in the amount of WC payouts—as their reason. The facts outlined above do not support their argument. The North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB) proposed a 15.8% decrease for manufacturing industry groups, 6.5% decrease for contracting industry groups, and 19.3% decrease for office/clerical and goods-and-services industries. The group also proposed a 14.7% decrease to miscellaneous industries.

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