Auto Accident

Inherent Unfairness of "Contributory Negligence"

If you are ever in a car wreck, there are three things we all expect to happen: That law enforcement and emergency services will arrive on the scene quickly; That you will receive the medical care you need to recover as fully as possible; and That the justice system will treat you fairly when it …

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Update on a Travesty: Police Captain Fired after DWI

According to, Highway Patrol Captain James Williams, Jr., was fired weeks after being pulled over and reported to be “extremely drunk.” This story caught our attention last month when it was reported that when Williams was pulled over, the police officers took him to a hotel instead of charging him. Fortunately for the public, …

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Teen Driving Safety Emergency

There have been so many teen driving deaths in the past week that the names are starting to run together. The faces, however, are unique… and haunting. The eyes are full of optimism, intelligence, and promise, their youth seems fresh and endless, and in and instant it all disappeared–no more optimism…no more promise…no more youth. …

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Does Toyota Enjoy Lingering Consumer Pain?

Yes, it has happened again. Toyota has recalled another car: the 2003 Sequoia SUV is being recalled for a problem with its vehicle stability control system. This recall comes a week after Toyota recalled 2010 models of the Lexus GX 460 because it also had stability control issues. If your model Lexus or Toyota has …

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