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Let Juries Decide

The ideal doctor is brilliant, caring, and infallible. Unfortunately, that ideal is impossible. At HensonFuerst Attorneys, we handle enough medical malpractice cases to know that doctors and hospitals make mistakes. Many times those “mistakes” could have been prevented if standard medical had been given, or if the hospital followed proper quality procedures. When serious, preventable …

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Toyota Recalls a New Batch of 2.17 Million Cars

Toyota Motor Corp. announced today that it is recalling more than 2 million vehicles in the United States to fix issues with accelerator pedals that can become jammed under floor matsor in the vehicle’s carpeting. According to USA Today, the specific models affected are: Lexus GS. About 20,000 2006 and early 2007 Lexus GS 300 …

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Harmed in the Hospital

In the opinion section of the News & Observer yesterday (1/20/11), Dr. James Bryan and Burton Craige wrote about a study published recently in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine that looked at the “shockingly high rate of preventable injuries to patients, and little or no improvement over time”…specifically in North Carolina hospitals. Researchers …

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The Most Dangerous Part of Your Drive

Road statistics show that of all normal (and legal) driving maneuvers, the most dangerous is something we do every day:  Making a left turn. Studies of intersection wrecks show that making a right turn caused only 4% of collisions, but making a left turn caused a whopping 50% of intersection collisions. The reason has to …

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Eyetracker Device to Help Keep Drivers Awake

It won’t be in next year’s model cars, but there is a terrific new device that could become a built-in standard in the next few years. According to an article in ScienceDaily, German researchers have developed a system that tracks a driver’s eye movements. If the driver’s eyes close for too long, the device emits …

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