Workers Compensation

Workplace Injuries Affect Doctor’s Too

We most office associate Worker’s Compensation Injuries with high risk occupations like construction work.  However, surgeons who perform minimally invasive surgical procedures are increasingly beginning to experience physical problems.  A surgeon has to deal with a limited range of motion when performing, for example, a laparoscopic procedure, as opposed to dealing with an open incision.  …

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Former NFL Players File WC Claims

Former NFL players are now filing worker’s compensation claims with the NFL.  The claims are for problems associated with dementia.  Repeated trauma to the head over an NFL career is now starting to manifest itself as players age.

Mangers Break the Law in Denying WC Benefits

Two former managers of a California Company were arrested for allegedly covering up and discouraging Worker’s Compensation Claims by injured workers. Allegations include but are not limited to claims that the managers in question attended injured workers’ examinations and attempted to influence the doctor’s diagnoses and treatment. The two men will be sentenced in May …

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Ohio Worker Scalped . . .Company Fined

An Ohio worker was scalped when the employees hair became entangled in a piece of machinery.  Upon inspection by OSHA officials, close to $100,000 in fines were proposed against the company.

Ohio Upholds Limits on Lawsuits by Workers

The Ohio Supreme Court upheld a 2005 law restricting an employee’s right to sue his employer.  The law requires that an injured work prove that an employer acted “deliberately” in causing an accident.×7994686 Ohio law is similar to North Carolina’s.  A worker injured in North Carolina is also barred from suing his employer directly …

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Illiteracy: A Problem in Filing Worker’s Compensation Claims

A Michigan man injured on the job was curiously resistant to filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim.  The reason was that he read at a third grade level.  He was embarrassed and would rather not file a claim than admit that he couldn’t read:

World Trade Center Settlement

The judge presiding over settlement negotiations has initially refused approval of the agreement.  Judge Hellerstein has instructed the parties to return to the drawing board to ensure that injured workers are treated fairly and can make a fully informed decision:

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