Workers Compensation

OSHA Proposing New Reporting Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is proposing new reporting requirements for Occupational Diseases.  The term occupational disease can mean “disease” as it is commonly used.  However, more commonly occupational diseases refer to repetitive motion injuries.  Go to the following to read more about OSHA’s new proposal and the business lobby’s opposition:

What is Mediation?

Every year a high percentage of Worker’s Compensation Claims are mediated.  Mediation is essentially an informal settlement conference.  All parties gather in one location and discuss the strength’s and weakness of their respective cases.  This happens in front of a mediator and is called the general session.  After this general session, the parties break up …

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What do I tell my doctor?

Tell your doctor EVERYTHING!  One problem I routinely run in to is lack of documentation in an injured worker’s medical records.  My client will do a wonderful job detailing all of their injuries when they talk to me.  Then, when I get the corresponding medical record, the first sentence says “Patient is doing fine”.  This …

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