Workers Compensation

NC Injury Rate Down, Deaths Up

The overall injury rate for workers continues to decline in North Carolina and has steadily done so since 2000.  However, deaths in the workplace are on the rise.  Many of the deaths involve falls or “crushed-by” accidents.  More continued emphasis on prevention is needed to protect our workers.

Home Depot Fined $70K

A Home Depot store in San Antonio has been fined over $70K by OSHA.  These proposed penalties have been issued secondary to multiple violations.  The Home Depot store was cited for failing to provide its employees with necessary safety equipment and failing to properly train its employees.    These violations were found to potentially lead to …

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A Blow to Firefighters in Pennsylvania

Governor Ed Rendell in Pennsylvania vetoed a bill that would have provided Worker’s Compensation Coverage to firefighters with cancer.  The bill had overwhelming support from the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Spider-Man Hurt on the Job

The actor portraying Spider-man on broadway fell 20 feet in a recent performance.  Christopher Tierney sustained a bruised lung and multiple fractures in the accident.  But for some in-air acrobatics, the result could have been much worse.

Employer’s Underreporting Accidents is a Problem

OSHA uses statistics to determine where their efforts should be focused.  If there are more accidents and resulting injuries in a given industry, OSHA focuses its investigations on that particular industry.  However, officials are beginning to find that certain businesses in certain industries have been underreporting accidents and injuries.

Will GOP Slash OSHA Funding

There is growing speculation that a Republican controlled House of Representatives will cut funding to OSHA.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for enforcing standards that create safe working conditions for employees.  There is growing concern, that Republicans backed by the Chamber of Commerce and big business will cut OSHA’s already paltry budget.  …

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OSHA Announces Plan

OSHA will begin focusing on certain non-construction companies based on 2009 injury data.  The purpose of this focused effort is to identify industries and companies with higher rates of injury and illness.  These companies will be randomly selected for inspection.  The goal is to prevent injury and provide safer conditions for workers.

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